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Cullen Consulting helps you communicate with customers

Contact Ned Cullen at ned at cullenracing dot com

We provide the following services:

Web related services

  • Web site design and hosting
  • HTML, PHP and MySQL coding
  • Adobe Acrobat Form creation
  • Adobe Acrobat Form to DB/DB to Acrobat Coding
  • Database driven websites

Direct Marketing Related Services

Client List can be seen here.

Consulting Services

Cullen Consulting's dedicated analytical team adds value to every project by focusing on the overall success of the program. We work with customers to provide the resources, knowledge and best practices accumulated through twenty years of experience. Our philosophy is to understand and learn the details of your business in order to provide solutions that make sense and generate the desired reaction from your customers.

Marketing Automation

EventDetective Marketing, our proprietary software, helps your company automatically detect customer activity and interaction with your site. You can see which product offers and services generate interest immediately. This allows you to customize communications tailored to their needs. Our system is a fully automated and repeatable process that requires only an initial setup and minimal long-term maintenance. It is designed specifically to maximize positive customer experience without overtaxing your marketing staff.

Imagine how powerful this could be for your business. For instance, a group of people continually shop for product X but never purchase. EventDetective could be designed to select everyone that has shopped product X five times without purchasing and send those people a special offer or incentive to buy.

EventDetective can also help enhance your customer service department. For example, automatic product and service updates can be released to your entire customer base easily and quickly.

Would you like an example of how EventDetective works? Sign up for Cullen Racing's email list which utilizes our EventDetective technology. Updates to the database are auto-delivered to list subscribers. Click here to subscribe.

Database/Direct Marketing and CRM Services

Prospect Databases

We specialize in developing databases that address the entire customer life cycle. Starting with customer acquisition, we can create customized databases of pre-selected, qualified prospects and help you implement highly targeted acquisition and retention programs.

Customer Databases

A strong Customer Database is key to any successful marketing program. Understanding your customer allows you to enhance future marketing efforts and improve overall communication. By integrating and tracking such variables as purchase history, website traffic and marketing message interaction, we can create a sophisticated customer database that can be used to produce results.

Web Databases

Our proprietary database system tracks individual customer web-interactions, merges that data with customer purchase history and produces an integrated view of customer behavior. You see where your customers are shopping, what they are purchasing and which offer triggers interest. Pattern analysis results can then be used to create targeted solutions for your company.

Analytic Services

Our combination of consulting and analytic services are available to help you increase the ROI of your communication programs by helping you sell customers the products and services they want. Higher response rates, decreased opt-out and an expanded prospect universe equal increased profits.

Cullen Consulting uses a set of proven analytical marketing tools including predictive modeling, prospect segmentation, customer profiling and data mining. Our analysis will help you fine-tune your marketing communication program for customers and prospects alike.

Internet Services

Do you send e-newsletters or promotional email to your customers? Do you know which customers open the email and which take the desired action within each email? We have developed a campaign management system that allows you to answer these questions. Actions can be imported into your data warehouse or matched with purchase history to determine the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. All interactions between the customer and message are tracked at the unique customer level providing key intelligence about your marketing messaging program. Let us help you implement a viral marketing strategy to help spread your message's reach.

Ever wonder where your website traffic is coming from?

Our database system tracks this information. What makes this better than log file analysis? You can see on a daily basis which sites drives the most traffic. And because our system stores the information in database form, ad hoc analysis can be performed with simple SQL. Click here for demo.

Other Internet related services include website building and maintenance.

Companies that we've worked with include:

For more information on what we can do to help your company, please contact Ned Cullen at

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